The 5 Best Bathroom Heater Reviews of 2018

It’s not economical to turn the shower on the highest heat every time you need to visit the bathroom. Sure, your bathroom may be quite cold in the winter months, as bathroom areas are rarely reached by a central heating system, but this doesn’t mean you can drive the water bill through the roof once it gets cold.

Plus, you’ll find using your mirror increasing difficult using the shower heating method. So what’s a guy or gal to do when shivering in the bathroom is no longer bearable? It’s time to look for the best bathroom heater that money can buy.



holmes top 3 pick

Best Pick if On a Budget

  • Easy to Adjust Digital Controls
  • Is wall mountable if desired
  • Best pick for bathroom heaters on a budget

Our Rating: 4.4/5

Stiebel Eltron CK


stiebel top 3 pick

Best Overall Pick for the Money

  • Most reliable model on market
  • Quality construction
  • Best pick for reliability/comfort

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Wall Heater


pulsair top 3 pick

More Permanent Solution

  • Extremely quiet
  • Recessed Wall Mount
  • Best pick for aesthetics & noise

Our Rating: 4.4/5

As there are so many different space heaters available, it’s important to learn a bit about the types of heaters that work well in small spaces, like your bathroom. So we put together some bathroom heater reviews sure to help you compare and contrast the best ways to keep your bathroom warm in the winter.

Comparison of the best 5 bathroom heaters

Bathroom Heater 2018 Comparison Table

Bathroom Heater


Temperature Options



Stiebel Eltron CK





Holmes HFH436





Pulsair Wall Heater


Built-in Thermostat



Marley Qmark


Built-in Thermostat



Holmes HFH442





Our Top 5 Picks:

1. Stiebel Eltron CK 15E Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

Stiebel Electron CK 15E Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater Review

The Stiebel Eltron CK 15E Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater is one of the best bathroom heaters on the market. Offering a functional design that looks sleek and stylish – nearly every bathroom has space for one of these heaters. With an elegantly curved shape, you’ll find the look of the Eltron CK to be appealing.

Protruding only 4.8 inches from the wall, the slender heater blows air towards the ground in an effort to keep the floor warm and evenly distribute the heat. With a built-in thermostat, this heater is quiet and only uses around 1500 watts.

  • 1500 watt output
  • Quiet operation and built in thermostat
  • Most reliable model on the market in tests completed
  • Sleek design

3. Pulsair 1501TW

Pulsair 1501TW Review

For a more permanent option, the Pulsair 1501TW is a great bathroom heater. Using a recessed mounted interface that must be inserted into a sheetrock wall, this unit is different from some of the others on this list. You’ll have to install the Pulsair 1501TW to use it properly.

While the model is designed for bathrooms, many have found mudrooms and entryways also benefit from installation. The built-in thermostat can be used to set temperatures for the room up to 75 F. The nickel-chrome heater is incredibly efficient and offers instant heating in a cold situation. Overheating protection comes standard with this model.

  • Aesthetically pleasing recessed interface
  • Incredibly efficient heater
  • Overheating protection
  • The best option for a more permanent bathroom heater solution

4. Marley CRA1512T2 Qmark

Marley CRA1512T2 Qmark Review

Another top-rated bathroom heater, the Marley CRA1512T2 Qmark is a model that feature recess mounting. With an integral thermostat, you’ll come to love this unit. However, you’ll find the model does not include a timer. You’ll need to buy one separately, so you can rest assured you don’t leave your heater running when you exit the bathroom.

For safety features, the Marley CRA1512T2 Qmark offers two over-temperature protectors to eliminate accidents. One of these involves the thermal limit, while the other is a one-time thermal fuse.

  • Integral thermostat
  • Solid temperature safety features

4. Holmes HFH442-UM

Holmes HFH442-UM Review

When efficiency is a primary key, the Holmes HFH442-UM aims to please. This portable bathroom heater was created with safety in mind. You’ll find an ALCI plug for the unit. Once operating, the Holmes HFH442-UM offers high-powered heat and is quite quiet.

Many have enjoyed the impressive temperature control features of this unit. Using one-touch thermostat technology, this bathroom heater offers three different settings: low, high, and auto heat. The model utilizes a fan-forced heater to ensure warm air is evenly distributed. The Holmes HFH442-UM automatically turns off once the desired temperature is reached on the one touch thermostat. This feature helps you save money and offers safety.

  • ALCI safe plug for increased safety
  • 1Touch Thermostat technology
  • Compact and efficient

5. Holmes HFH436WGL-UM

Holmes HFH436WGL-UM Review

Holmes is known for its high quality in-home products, and this space heater is no different. The Holmes HFH436WGL-UM is one of the best bathroom heaters on the market today. Featuring a number of installation options, this unit can be hung, mounted, or simply sat on the floor. You’ll also find an ALCI plus on this heater for increased convenience.

With a digital thermostat prominently displayed, you’ll be able to select your desired temperature with the Holmes HFH436WGL-UM. You can also set the timer to ensure the unit only runs when you want and need it to. Many individuals enjoy pre-heating their bathrooms each morning with this feature. Nothing like walking into a warm and toasty washroom when it’s bright and early. This model only uses 1500 watts.

  • 1500 watt output
  • Digital controls are easily adjusted
  • Timer allows to pre-heat bathroom beforehand
  • Best bathroom heater on a budget

Types of Bathroom Heaters

There are a variety of bathroom heaters. The kind of device you need will depend on your bathroom situation, along with a few other variables. Here are four common types of bathroom heaters:

Portable Heaters

Most people are looking for a heating solution for just their bathroom settle on a portable heater. This is because the mobile option is typically the cheapest route and you don’t need any installation skills to get the thing operating properly. If you’re renting a home or apartment, these types of heaters will be your best bet. If you only need the heater for certain months in the winter, a portable heater could be a great option, too.

Make sure you purchase a bathroom heater with an ALCI plug. These plugs ensure safety more than other options. Lastly, make sure you keep water away from portable heaters.

Baseboard Heaters

Another attractive option for your bathroom is a baseboard heater. These heaters are fixed into the bathroom baseboard and will need to be connected directly to an electrical line. Many times the baseboard heater is more expensive than other heaters because they are safer. Fully covered and always sealed, the excellent protection a baseboard heater offers is ideal for families.

Wall Mounted Heaters

For individuals looking for more stability than a portable heater, these wall mounted heaters tend to fit the bill. Combining easy installation, high safety standards, and excellent energy efficiency, homeowners generally love these models. Often, these heaters are also easier to keep away from sinks, bathtubs, showers, and water – as they are located higher up on the wall.

Ceiling Mounted Heaters

For another permanent option, ceiling mounted heaters offer great value to many. These models don’t clutter a room whatsoever and tend to be quite safe – as no water would ever reach them except for excessive splashing.

Get What You Desire

Overall, you want to be comfortable in your home. And part of that comfort comes from waking up to a warm bathroom, especially in the chilly winter months. That’s where the best bathroom heaters come into play. Just remember to keep whatever bathroom heater you select as far away from water as possible.

With a variety of different types of space heaters available that are made specifically for bathroom use, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs. Do your research and find the ideal bathroom heater for your family.

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