Broan NuTone Big Heat Garage Heater Review

broan nutone big heat reviewWith a name like “Big Heat” – this Broan model certain has some big shoes to fill. Luckily, we found the Broan NuTone Big Heat Garage Heater does more than just fill them up. This unit definitely provides a lot of warmth to any area you might desire or require.

Using a ceramic heating element, the NuTone is one of the faster heaters we’ve tested. If you’re looking for a space heater that warms a room almost instantly, this may be just the model you’re looking for.

Unique Features

After testing, we noted a few unique features of the Broan NuTone Big Heat Garage Heater. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Sturdy Construction: Most heaters offer solid construction, but Broan takes things a step further with this model. This unit is made with steel construction. The device is small and exceptionally strong. You won’t have to worry about damaging this one too much.
  • Small Size: Packing a solid punch with 1,500 watts of heating power, this unit is actually small. Sitting at six inches of height, depth, and width – the unit only weighs five pounds. Due to the compact size, you’ll be able to find space for this one in nearly ever space you require.
  • Smart Saving Feature: Once the Broan NuTone Big Heat Garage Heater has warmed a room to the required temperature, the unit will instantly turn itself to the 1,200-watt setting. Instead of continually running at 1,500, the device uses less energy once the room is heated in an effort to save you money.


Pros of this Heater

We enjoyed testing the Broan NuTone Big Heat Garage Heater for a number of reasons. A few positives of the device include:

  • Simple Usage

The model only comes with three settings: high, low, and off. Once the room is heated, the device automatically switches to the low mode of 1,200 watts to save your energy. This makes life easy on the user. There’s no fancy operation when warming a room with this Broan model.

  • Safety Controls

With an automatic shutoff feature, if the device is ever turned over, you won’t have too much to worry about while this model is running. There’s also a caution light display if the unit is generating a little too much heat.

  • Packing a Heating Punch

The Broan NuTone Big Heat Garage Heater packs quite a punch for a model so small. Small rooms can be heated up in a jiffy with this bad boy, while a larger area like a shop or garage will start to feel warmer in 10-15 minutes of operation.


Cons of this Heater

While the Broan NuTone is ideal in a number of situations, the unit is not perfect. Here’s one negative thing we noted about the model:

  • Sensitive Thermostat

The Big Heat model features a thermostat that’s a little too sensitive in certain situations. If the room temperature is close to the pre-set mark, the heater may turn off and on a little bit too much. Certain customers also found the thermostat on this model wasn’t as reliable as others.

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Our Verdict

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised while testing this unit. The Broan NuTone Big Heat Garage Heater does its job. If you’re looking for a small garage heater that offers a lot of heating abilities, then this bad boy won’t let you down.


Our Rating: 4.4

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