Lifesmart Compact Power Plus Infrared Heater Review

Lifesmart Compact Power PlusIf you’re looking for a smaller heater that packs a lot of power, then the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus may be for you. The unit is a compact heater that can heat rooms of up to 800 square feet. The device also has an eco-setting that uses only 500 watts, but only heats rooms to 68 degrees.

The Lifesmart Compact Power Plus has a variety of great features that people look for in a space heater. As such, we were pleased with the performance of abilities of this device after using it.


Unique Features

The Lifesmart Compact Power Plus is a smaller unit that offers some unique selling points. A few we noted include:

  • Fireproof Cabinet: While safety features for space heaters have vastly improved over the years, this feature should be noted. As long as the fireproof cabinet is on the device, it cannot catch on fire.
  • Dark Oak Wood Design: One of the more stylish space heaters we’ve tested, our staff loved the dark oak wood design features on this device. The unit can easily be tucked away in a room, but could also be a featured part of the rooms’ décor.
  • Digital Display: The digital display found on the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus makes the unit easy to use. It’s nice being able to control the temperature of the room in such a simple manner.

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Pros of the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus

While this unit certainly isn’t perfect, we found a lot of things we liked with the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus. A few of our favorites include:

  • Compact Design

True to the name – the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus is a smaller, but powerful space heater. You’ll have no issue moving this device from room to room. This isn’t the big, bulky space heater of the past. Not only is the unit compact and stylish, but a simple grip handle add value.

  • Energy Saving Settings

As compact infrared heater, the unit has a maximum output of 800 watts. However, you can also run the device on an eco-friendly setting, which pumps out only 500 watts. This will save a lot on your energy bill while still keeping smaller rooms quite warm in the winter.

  • Remote Control Simplicity

We’re a sucker for remote-controlled space heaters. There’s nothing worse than getting up in the middle of a movie to turn the space heater on or off. Instead, a unit like the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus comes with a remote control to ensure operation has never been easier.


Cons of the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus

We’re big fans of this unit, but we definitely found a few issues. Some major problems included:

  • Slow Heating

As the unit doesn’t pack as much heating power as others, it takes a little longer to heat up. While this can be annoying, once the device has heated up fully, the temperature will stay there with no problems.

  • Louder Heater

Certain space heaters have sound control settings or are a bit quieter. This unit does not. If loud operation is bothersome to you, then a different device may be a smart choice. It’s not that loud, but a little louder than other heaters.


Our Verdict

We may seem harsh on this unit, but we actually liked this one a lot. If you’re looking for a compact heater that does its job, then you’ll love it, too. Plus, the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus is easy on the budget. For smaller rooms, we highly recommend this heater.

Our Rating: 4.5

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