Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element Infrared Heater Review

LifeSmart Power Plus 6 ElementOne of the better infrared heaters on the market, the Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element Heater will add some warmth to your home with ease. Using six quartz infrared elements, this bad boy can heat a room up to 1,500 square feet. Due to the six elements operating at once, this is a powerful heater.

Users love the Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element Heater because it’s long lasting and eco-friendly. Plus, this infrared heater is fairly stylish. There’s a lot to love about this unit. Learn more below.


Unique Features

Like most Lifesmart products, this heater is chalk full of unique and useful features. Few of our favorites after testing include:

  • Eco-friendly settings that ensure only a little bit of the power found in the unit are used.
  • Six quartz elements instead of one or two allow this heater to pump out the warmth more than similar sized models.
  • Electronic thermostat allows for easy use.
  • Remote control included.
  • The timer feature is useful.
  • One-year warranty included.


Pros of the Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element Heater

While no infrared heater is perfect, the Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element Heater comes close. Here are some of the positives for this device:

  • Power Punching

With six quartz elements, you’ll never have to worry about being cold while this bad boy is running. The max setting sends 1,500 watts of heat into the air. This is enough to heat a medium to large room in your home.

  • Great Efficiency

These types of heaters have been tested and studied a lot. Most of the studies showed infrared heaters to be more efficient than other devices used to provide warmth.

While the Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element Heater can pump out the heat at 1,500 watts, the device can also be used on an eco-friendly setting of 500 watts. If you’re only heating a small to medium sized room, then this is perfect.

  • Portability

This Lifesmart model is pretty powerful, but it’s also portable. Weighing in at 24 pounds, it’s not too easy to move around, especially when you consider the E-Z gliders that allow you to roll it from room to room.

  • Guaranteed Warranty

Not many companies offer full warranties on their products. Lifesmart does on the Six Quartz Element Heater. They believe in this product. If anything breaks with the heater within the first year, then they’ll fix it for free. Plus, there’s a lifetime filter included with every purchase.


Cons of the Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element Heater

We’re big fans of the Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element Heater after testing. However, we did notice a negative:

  • Safety Front

While this unit is quite safe overall, the front part does get hot on occasion. This shouldn’t be an issue unless you have small children with curious minds. Not a huge negative – just something to consider.


Our Verdict

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised while testing this model. If you’re looking for a well made infrared heater that offers a plethora of features, good power, and a fair price – then this could be the model for you. We highly recommend the Lifesmart Power Plus 6 Element Heater.

Our Rating:

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